A Beautiful Bag in So Many Ways

Check out my computer bag! It demonstrates a creative way to directly support Ukrainian small businesses and artisans.

Wisconsin Women are Go-Getters

I’m always proud to be a Wisconsin woman. However, this month my heart swells even more as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Wisconsin’s ratification of the 19th Amendment, guaranteeing women the right to vote. …

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Journalism Takes Another Hit: With Many Angles

So what’s your take on this? Last week the Chicago Sun-Times caused an uproar when it laid off its 28 full-time, award-winning photojournalists. According to this Forbes article, the newspaper “plans to get by with …

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Why Nancy Pelosi and I are A Lot Alike

A couple weeks ago, young Luke Russert brought up the idea to Nancy Pelosi that perhaps she’s too old for her continued position of House Minority Leader. Whether Russert is the “poster boy of media …

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