Why You Need a Contract to Work With a Designer

Yesterday my husband and I took a day off and headed to Wollersheim Winery for the WGGA Spring Vineyard School. We’re new at growing grapes so pruning, budding, harvesting—they’re all viticulture things we’re looking to learn. …

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Wednesday Webs 9-14-11

Last weekend we were road trippin.’ Nothing too far—just out and about to fun places in Wisconsin. Our first stop was Wollersheim Winery in Prairie du Sac. This is a quintessential winery, combining both history and …

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AIGA is Like a Fine Wine

For the past three years, my husband and I have been planting grapes. Each year we add another row and now we’re up to 36 vines of Marquette, Frontenac and Frontenac Gris. As you can …

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