What’s Your Opinion?

Do political opinions hurt or help your business? Here’s what you should know.

Autumn Art on Willy Street

It’s beautiful autumn weather here in Wisconsin. And a drive down Madison’s Williamson Street means checking out the latest graffiti mural on Motherfool’s Coffeehouse. Here it is—as bold and vibrant as the day itself.

Yes, Graffiti Can Be Art!

One of my favorite Madison, WI, neighborhoods is Willy Street (technically Williamson Street in the Marquette Neighborhood) and one of my favorite places there is Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse. It’s got the most delicious soup inside …

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Continuing My Mural Collection

October is Mural Art Month and what better way to celebrate than to visit Philadelphia and its Mural Art Program. Our four days there last week gave us opportunity to see the most beautiful works. Independence …

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Murals of Philadelphia: Starting My Collection

It was vacation time for me this past week. Well, sort of. We moved our son to Philadelphia, so it was more like a working vacation—i.e. moving van full of furniture and books, hot weather, …

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