The Simple Joy of Earth Day

If you are in touch with creation, then you are in touch with its creator. We can find God in nature and a childlike simplicity of appreciating his gift.

Revisiting Conservation Corps for Earth Day 2021

Proposals for a new Civilian Climate Corps have me researching CCC history and remembering my YCC days. These social programs benefitted far more than those who participated.

composting bucket

Earth Day and Double Duty Composting

Today, on Earth Day 2019, I’m thinking back to the roundtable discussion I was honored to lead at the MOSES Organic Conference. It was on marketing and it overflowed with interesting conversation. Today though, two …

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Magnificent Trees for Earth Day 2016

Last week while traveling through Michigan we spent an afternoon in Hartwick Pines State Park. When I was a kid my family spent a lot of time vacationing in nearby Grayling so this whole Au Sable …

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