The Cooperative Stance

The cooperative stance is a trusted, proven way to do business and build communities. It’s a “we not me” way of working together.

Out and About with Fermentation Fest

News flash! Fermentation Fest event guides are hot off the press and heading out to exciting venues throughout Wisconsin. This 24-pg, can’t-miss guide is bubbling with interesting articles, art, class listings and city map—all the …

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Transitioning from Summer to Autumn

It’s two weeks into September and my mind is finally beginning to let go of summer. It’s been a slow transition but as autumn reveals its golden glories I can’t help getting excited. And here …

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October is Co-op Month!

My favorite grocery store is Willy Street Co-op in Madison. At first I liked it because of its hip, earthy scene and ever-smiling faces. Then, as my food consciousness grew, I appreciated it for its quality products …

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How You Can Preserve the Good Food Movement

I just can’t tell you how good our Fachwerk barn smells right now! Last week we harvested garlic and now one of the hand-hewn beams of our barn is fully lined with this earthy delight. If former lives were …

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