Why Nancy Pelosi and I are A Lot Alike

A couple weeks ago, young Luke Russert brought up the idea to Nancy Pelosi that perhaps she’s too old for her continued position of House Minority Leader. Whether Russert is the “poster boy of media …

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International Freelancers Day 2012 (and it’s free!)

Used with permission, International Freelancers Day 2012 I’m always looking for advise on running a successful business. When that advise is free, it’s pretty cool. When its free and good, it’s really cool! So guess what! This …

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Wednesday Webs: Hanging Your Shingle

Here’s where I like to work in early summer mornings. It’s my front porch and the view is stunning. I can do this because 1) I’m self-employed and 2) today’s technology. Actually, there’s never been …

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