Summer’s Not Over Yet

Happy September, whether you’re celebrating your first day of autumn or three more weeks of summer.

Bees Motivate Gratitude and Giving

I’m into my fourth year of beekeeping and while I still consider myself a newbie, I do feel I’ve come a long way. For one—and an important one at that—I can now find the queen. …

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Beekeeping and My Season of Growth

So my tenure as beekeeper has come to an end. Rather abruptly, I might add. Last weekend bald-faced hornets invaded my hive and even though my guard bees fought valiently—there was a massive swarm of agitation happening at the entrance of …

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Celebrating Possibilities on National Ag Day

Today is National Ag Day and we celebrate our abundance of food, thanks to American agriculture. Think about it, where else can we enjoy such epicureous quantity, quality and diversity? I was recently discussing my design project for …

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