Happy New Year, Whatever…

What’s your Word of the Year? I have a word, a passage, and reminders of both for 2024.

Bringing Light for Solstice

Days are short and the nights are long. In a world that feels overwhelmed in darkness, we can be the light.

Inspired by Rosalynn

Rosalynn Carter was a tireless champion of humanity. Here’s how Adunate is inspired by her on Giving Tuesday.

Past Your Prime? No Way!

Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. Why are midlife women are successful entrepreneurs? Well, it’s because we are like fine wine!

Octoberfest and Aurora Borealis

Every year we do our own Octoberfest Brewery Tour. This year we’re packing our bags and prepping our palates for ICELAND!

Wonder Walking for Earth Day

Recently, I was delighted to find a Storywalk® reading of Micha Archer’s “Wonder Walkers.” A perfect way to celebrate Earth Day 2023.

Winter Surfers and Striking Arrows

Winter surfers are a good anecdotal comparison to “The Last Arrow, Save Nothing For The Next Life.” Here’s my review.

Pondering the Trail Ahead

What’s ahead for you in 2023? I’m excited for a whole world of possibilities.

Merry Christmas! And Viva la Vida!

Pantone’s Color of the Year is brave, fearless, a joyous and optimistic celebration. Here’s how to do Christmas the same way.

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