A Simple Story for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, the day we’re reminded to take care of the place we’ve been given by our Creator.

Living sustainably is often overwhelming. Yet, sometimes the simplest things—like carrying a reusable water bottle instead of plastic—are the first steps in making a significant difference. Speaking of, the theme for Earth Day 2024 is Planet vs. Plastics.

Simple Joys vs. Plastic

Our big, ol’ farmhouse seems to be a natural gathering place, which means there’s lots of good food shared between family and friends. I often use real dishes because they’re more earth-friendly (and yes, I admit, because I never plan far enough in advance to have disposable in the house). Added to this, I’m a sap for pretty table settings. And I love perusing antique shops…uh oh, you can probably see where this is going.

Voilà, a 91-piece set of gorgeous green china!

Yes, NINETY-ONE perfect pieces, priced at less than .75 cents each, tucked away in a shop with the rest of “grandma’s treasures” that no one wants. I quickly calculated how many meals I’d need to serve to justify such a set—not that many, because disposable dishes can get expensive. According to the shop owner, few families nowadays have space to serve dinners for 12 and no one wants settings that can’t go in the dishwasher.

Except me, apparently. (Don’t worry, kids, I’ll keep these acquisitions in check.)

The Power of Small

I know carrying a reusable water bottle and my 91 dishes are small potatoes in the scope of eliminating plastic toxins. But if all of us contribute to doing simple things, we can join together in achieving great things. Let’s work toward giving our kids a 60% reduction of plastic by 2040.

Happy Earth Day, today and every day!

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