Past Your Prime? No Way!

“Ladies, don’t let anyone ever tell you you are past your prime.”

So said actor Michelle Yeoh earlier this year when she accepted an Academy Award for her performance in Everything Everywhere All at Once. This epic call has resonated with midlife women everywhere.

I mention this because November 19 is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. Oh, I know, there’s a day of recognition for everything and everyone. But if you consider women start 849 new businesses every single day in the U.S. (while receiving only…ahem…1.9% of venture capital funding), I do believe we ladies are worthy of a nod. And if you further consider many of these go-getters are over 50 (check out 50 Over 50), you should also be raising your glasses.

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Studies offer a plethora of reasons why midlife women are successful entrepreneurs. They’ve built up life experience. They’ve dialed down the drama and ramped up the calm. They have a greater sense of who they are. They have more time and money.

One of my personal favs is the Invisible Woman Syndrome—the idea that as women age, we find ourselves overlooked in society. Some find it unsettling, but I find it empowering. There’s great freedom in invisibility, a chance to celebrate one’s self without the judgment and expectations of others. This applies wonderfully to entrepreneurship.

Power of the pack. When women gather, awesome things happen.
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Perhaps a most compelling reason midlife women are successful entrepreneurs is they understand the power of the pack. They no longer compete with one another—because, really, how well did that go back in the day? Instead, sisters on the better side of 50 raise each other up. They know when one succeeds, they all succeed. Here’s an example.

Ladies, I’m with Michelle Yeoh on this one. No way are we midlife women past our prime. In fact, I believe we are in our most magnificent season, whether in our careers or our everyday lives. We are fine wines, dear sisters, and don’t let anyone tell you differently!

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  1. Love this – and the Soil Sisters example. Thanks for highlighting those incredible statistics about how many biz are started by women in spite of getting far less venture capital dollars.

    • Thank you, Kriss! Soil Sisters are such a beautiful example of women working together. Not only have you benefitted each other, but you have your whole community and beyond. When women gather, amazing things happen. Thank you, Kriss for all you’ve personally done as well. So much!

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