Do You Do Pro Bono?

Do You Do Pro Bono?

Next week is Giving Tuesday, a perfect time to feel thankful and talk pro bono. Does your business do pro bono? Volunteer? Donate products?

Pro bono refers to professional work done voluntarily and without payment. The Latin phrase “pro bono publico” translates as “for the public good.” Many businesses find pro bono to be a way of giving back to their community. They provide services or fulfill a need that otherwise is not available. 

4 Ways Pro Bono Can Benefit Your Business

  1. Improves Morale 
    We no longer want to “just have a job.” We want to “change the world,” or at least a small part of it. Science shows our brains release endorphins when we help others.
  2. Helps Train New Staff 
    Pro bono is a perfect time to train staff and give them leadership opportunities.
  3. Exposure 
    Doing work you believe in builds your brand in an authentic way. It connects you with people who share your passion.
  4. Future Business Leads 
    Sometimes, but not always, pro bono leads to future business opportunities—opportunities for which you get paid. 

What I’m Working On This Month—New Client Promo!

I’m proud to now be assisting Grand Capital Advisors with their social media marketing. What a super group—caring, dedicated and highly skilled in financial planning. Looking for someone who will ask good questions and learn your goals? Give them a call.

What I’m Tuned In To This Month

  1. Eight Forgotten Pie Recipes We Should Bring Back, just in time for the holidays. May your Thanksgiving be full of happiness and gratitude!
  2. Garden Rest, #45: XOXO Farm Girl captures my thoughts completely as I wrap up my garden season, hunker down my bees, and cover my roses.
  3. Revisiting Pro Bono, helpful ideas for professionals and non-profits working together fo a successful pro bono project. 
  4. What is your ‘get to’? Regina Brett reminds us of true thankfulness. As always, she hits it home. 

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m full of gratitude for all you wonderful people! Thank you!

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