Challenging Times Require Out-Of-The-Box Thinking

What do you do when the supply chain is backlogged? You think alternatively and lower prices. Suddenly, my headache became my customer’s gain.

Like many resources, we’re going into the holidays with a paper shortage and businesses everywhere are feeling the pinch. Even little ol’ me. For the latest printing of my Ice Age Trail poster, we couldn’t find the art-quality, eco-friendly paper I’d previously used. Instead, we were forced to use an ever-so-slightly lesser weight—so slight, in fact, I almost didn’t notice the difference when I pulled a sample from the box. Nonetheless, quality is huge for me and my product needs to be worthy its price.

What to do? Lower my price just in time for the holidays.

You’ll now notice two buying options on my Shop Page: Art Weight at regular price and Poster Weight at 20% savings. Either option is a stunning way to showcase your hiking adventures. And don’t forget, 5% of proceeds will be donated to the Ice Age Trail Alliance!

Speaking of…notice my husband and I are slowly but surely blazing our way through the segments? We’ve earned our Kettle Trekker patch and are now moving into the next county—yes, it does become addicting!

Looking for the perfect gift for your adventurer? Here it is, hot off the press and ready for free shipping straight to your door. Check it out here!

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