My Marketing Predictions for 2021

Who’s ready to leave 2020 behind? I hear ya. Even as I finalize my Thanksgiving menu, I’m looking to 2021 and predictions for the upcoming marketing trends.

Interestingly, they all point in one direction—Human Connection.

I’m no trend forecaster, but based on society’s response to 2020, I have a few inklings of my own. People are tired of anger. We’ve had enough division. We realize in order to overcome 2020, we need to think in terms of community rather than self.

People need kindness, values, and coming together.

Marketing With Human Connection

  • Do small things, nicely done 
    Small rudders guide great ships. Little hinges swing big doors. And small businesses make a big difference. Think grassroots care for your customers and community.
  • Show concern
    Whether it’s the words you use in online communications or face-to-face interactions with customers, show them you care for their well-being. Take time to listen.
  • Help your customers be your customers
    What can you do to make it easier (and safer) for people to buy from you? Zoom meetings? Online store? Ordering service? Delivery to their door?

What I’m Working On This Month

Brainstorming is always the first step. I’ve got a couple branding projects in the works, both for myself and others. 

What I’m Tuned In To This Month

What I Wish For You

God’s blessings on your Thanksgiving. May your day be meaningful, however you celebrate!

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