Heading to the North Shores

Purple is often overlooked in the brilliance of fall colors. Wrongly so, because the royal hues of asters against rudbeckia is nature’s gift to autumn. On top of that, when I asked my husband what color he associates with Minnesota—which is where we’re headed for our 2020 Octoberfest Brewery Tour—he automatically said purple. I don’t think he had asters on his mind. 

So, yes, it’s that time of year again. It’s when I close up shop, turn our house over to the kids, and we take off for our seasonal celebration of sipping and scenery. 

This year, we’re social distancing on Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota’s northern shores (that is if Wisconsin’s notorious COVID count doesn’t prohibit us from traveling). Our highlights will be scenery over sipping, and the later will likely be out of a cooler instead of a brewery. However, if we do make a stop—or maybe you’re looking to—here’s the The Cabin’s Brew-Sconsin or The Minnesota BeerCast for suggestions.

Our Itinerary
(sort of—we’re a bit happenstance in our travels)

Speaking of purple—here it is, hot off the press!

Asters…Oktoberfest beer…true signs of autumn. And here’s my poster, a great commemoration of our trip. I’ve even included a compass and rhumb lines to navigate our way. 

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