Thoughtful Marketing During Coronavirus Times

Wisconsin, like most states, is struggling over the extension of its stay-at-home order. While we each have our own narrative on such news, for the sake of “we’re all in this together,” let’s agree this nasty little virus has everyone needing an extra big hug.

This, my dears, is where small business owners can make a difference. How we care for our customers could very well be the make or break of their day. It could be what they remember most about us long after this crisis is over.

Reassure Them

Make sure your customers know you’re still there for them. How are you responding to this crisis? If you had to change the way you run your business, explain the changes you’ve made and how they will help the customer. Communicate this in detail; over and over, if needed.

Be Available Online

Everyone is home right now and working from their computer. Now is the time to make your online presence its best. On top of that, everyone is feeling isolated. Take extra time to communicate personally, whether by email, text or a good, old-fashioned telephone call. 

Be Empathic in Your Advertising and Social Media

These are sensitive times. Some have lost love ones. Others are struggling financially. Our levels of tolerance are at much lower limits. Now is not the time to argue politics. Instead show love, care and concern. 

Help Your Customers BE Your Customers

How can your customers more easily acquire your product? Can they order online? Can they pay by credit card? Can you deliver to their door?

What I’m Working on This Month

So many events have been cancelled. But I’m super excited to share that Fermentation Fest is still on for this fall. Not only that, it’s the Farm/Art DTour year, with an all-new 50-mile route through beautiful Sauk County countryside. Mark your calendar for this great event!

What I’m Tuned In To This Month

  1. Herbal Academy Introductory Herbal Course. Furthering my fascination with herbs, both culinary and medicinal.
  2. In Her Boots podcast with Inga Witcher, of Around the Farm Table. A great episode on cultivating resilience.
  3. A longtime follower of Smitten Kitchen, I was awed by How I Stock My Kitchen. Life in New York is so different than the Midwest. My heart goes to all New Yorkers right now. 
  4. The Great Family Feast Cook-Off is May 1. If we can’t cook in person, we can do the next best thing. Join us!

Take Care Folks!

May you be healthy and strong. God’s blessings to all.

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