Crazy, Right? 19 Reasons to Start a New Business During a COVID Pandemic

The coronavirus has people everywhere rethinking their roles in the world. Last month this tiniest of creatures created The Great Pause, as we’re now calling the upheaval it brought to our lives. While much of it has been devastating, in its midst many of us have found ourselves examining who we are and what is truly meaningful.

And maybe, just maybe, some of you are mulling the idea of starting your own business.

Wait, start a new business now?

Pandemic economics certainly don’t offer what we’d consider favorable conditions for startups. However, the coronavirus has brought unexpected positives we can now jump on. This Forbes article agrees. In fact, it encourages would-be entrepreneurs to adopt the mindset of salmon, who jump up waterfalls to reach their spawning grounds.

Adversity translates into opportunity for those willing to swim upstream and not wait until the tide turns.”


Given this motivation, I’ve come up with 19 reasons why now is a good time to ask “what if…?” Wild and crazy? Maybe. But this kind of random brainstorming is where great ideas begin!

19 Reasons

  1. Historically, some of the most well-known companies got their start during recessions.
  2. In periods of crisis, we abandon sound economic practices in favor of people’s needs. Knowing this, health-halo businesses make good startups. Maybe an herb farm?
  3. In periods of crisis, we also seek emotional distractions: Getaways, nature, hobbies…here are more business ideas.
  4. Google is offering $340 million in free ads for small businesses.
  5. 3 Cow Marketing helps small farmers attract customers who will pay what they need to make a living. A great resource before starting your farm business.
  6. The recently introduced New Business Preservation Act is working to distribute venture capital around the country, particularly to undercapitalized areas.
  7. From video-conferencing to time tracking, this is the age of apps to help you work from home. Many of them are free!
  8. #QuarantineBaking is all the rage. It’s also addictive. What can you supply home or professional bakers? (Hint, hint: I’m on the hunt for heritage grains!)
  9. Also trending: #QuarantineCooking. First it was flour shortages, then it was eggs. Chefs of every kind need farm-to-kitchen produce and we want it fresh, organic and local!
  10. Social media is constantly changing. The one constant is that it’s still the best form of marketing for startups.
  11. 5Ws and an H is a great worksheet for building your brand. Get it for free when you sign up for Adunate’s marketing newsletter (it’s monthly and I guarantee I won’t pester you!).
  12. U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has a helpful site on planning, launching, managing and growing your new business.
  13. The Farmstead Bakery offers resources for starting your cottage farm bakery. From recipes, to packaging, to marketing, it’s got it all.
  14. Filed under “wish-I’d-known when I started my business,” Marketing-Mentor is a geared toward creatives and helps build a business that fits your lifestyle.
  15. By 2019, food trucks had become the hot wheels of the food industry (and now coronavirus has forced restaurants to follow their MO). From financing to marketing, the National Food Truck Association and are great resources.
  16. Women’s Business Centers (WBCs) provide training as well as capital in an effort to “level the playing field” for women entrepreneurs.
  17. We couldn’t get enough of on-demand delivery services before the coronavirus, now we need them even more—think independently with your truck, car, or bike.
  18. In Her Boots Podcast shares ideas and inspiration for women dreaming of starting their own farm business.
  19. I’d be remiss in not mentioning Adunate! I’m an entrepreneur myself and I help small businesses successfully brand and market themselves. Give me a holler.

There you go, folks!

As a final word of encouragement, let me quote soul musician Ray Charles, “Dreams, if they’re any good, are always a little bit crazy.”

Maybe this is your time to get crazy and jump in the water.

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