Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Pandemic Panache

Happy St. Patrick’s Day in what surely has been the strangest month most of us have ever seen. I won’t dwell on the chaos, since we all know what that’s about. Yet, two weeks ago, who would guess we’d be scrounging for toilet paper!

While I feel few effects of the coronavirus—after all, I regularly cocoon in my home office—it has adversely affected many of my customers. Restaurants, small farms, and family-owned businesses have all suddenly found themselves in difficult situations. To them and everyone else hit by this pandemic, my heart goes out to you.

On a Positive Note: Blessings Still Abound

What I love about people is how we pull together in times of need. I admire the creative ways we keep truckin’ right along, sometimes even better than before. Here are some of my favorites.

  • Indie Coffee, in Madison, offers curbside delivery. Many other businesses are as well. Check them out!
  • With no place to go and nothing extra-curricular to do, we are slowing down!
  • Rather than forcing its markets to close, Minnesota Farmers’ Market Association realizes people still need to eat healthy food and farmers must make a living.
  • Cocooning means connecting. Families are spending quality time together. Special memories are in the making!
  • Colectivo Coffee has closed its cafes but is committed to continue paying its cafe employees.
  • Spending time outdoors! It’s spring and what a wonderful time to get out and enjoy!
  • Hope Lake Country, like many other church families, gathered virtually for a fun and meaningful, live-stream service. Join the celebration again this Sunday!

Stay safe everyone. Step 6-feet aside and raise your Irish cream for a toast. May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow!

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