Happy Perihelion Day!

Obviously, I’m not quite ready to give up the holidays. It seems I’m looking for an excuse to continue the festivities, so here’s to a warm and cheery Perihelion Day!

Perhaps you already knew this — I did not until I saw it on my Wisconsin Phenology Calendar —but perihelion is the term for when the earth is closest to the sun. You wouldn’t think we’d celebrate this during the heart of winter but as The Old Farmer’s Almanac explains, it’s the tilt of the Earth’s axis that affects our seasons, not our distance from the sun. So go ahead, raise that last bit of eggnog to being 3 million miles closer to the sun than we are in June.

Looking ahead to 2019

Getting back into the groove after 12 days of Christmas is hard— yes, we really did do the traditional 12 days of Christmas! We had a memorable season with family celebrations, worship services, movie, light show, hiking and an overnight trip. And don’t forget the food, lots of very good food.

Now today, Perihelion Day, it’s time to get back to work. Sigh.

In truth, I think I’m set to go. Yesterday as I cleaned my office and organized Adunate for coming year, I found myself feeling excited, optimistic and full of prayerful confidence. I’ve got some interesting projects in the pipeline. I’ll be working with fascinating people: foodies, farmers, non-profits and businesses, all of whom care about making things better for others. And I’m challenging myself to step further beyond my comfort zone—that’s where those prayers come in handy!

A Toast to 2019!

Here’s to many blessings in the New Year. Let’s keep in touch. I’ve got lots of ideas to take your business to a higher level!

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