National Ag Day 2017

It’s National Ag Week and my thanks to the men and women who provide our food and clothing. Being from the Midwest, it used to be when I thought of farmers, Holstein cows naturally came to mind. Or million-dollar implements on acreage as vast as the eye could see. While I certainly appreciate these entities, I now realize there is so much more to American agriculture—CSAs, market farmers, even little ol’ gardeners like me. I appreciate so much those who boldly take a stand for organic, ethical and sustainable agriculture. You have my love and admiration!

National Ag Day 2017

Here are some things I’ve been following this week:

  1. Without immigrants, the snowball of repercussions is great. Is this what we really want?
  2. Women Who Farm: “Through saving seed, harvesting rainwater, and care taking the animals, these women are true heroes.”
  3. I loved Mas Masumoto’s keynote presentation at last month’s MOSES Conference.
  4. Also Liz Carlisle’s. Her book Lentil Underground is on my must-read list.
  5. Gather with women farmers, learn valuable farm and gardening tips, and sample locally-made products at this Soil Sisters event, April 6, in Middleton. See you there!
  6. Yes, immigrants do feed America. Award-winning Modern Farmer did this excellent piece: The High Cost of Cheap Labor. Worth reading for a better understanding of how food gets to your table.

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