Giving Tuesday: The Easiest Way to Put Christ Back in Christmas!


Last week I was stopped at a Madison intersection along side this gentleman. “Homeless,” his sign read. “Anything helps.” I gave him some money, wished him God’s blessings and moved on with the green light.

Homeless. Jobless. Sick child. Hungry dog. These are the signs of street beggars. They populate our cities and evoke a complexity of consciousness. Most of us, myself included, waver between sympathetic tugs of the heart and hardened, self-righteous judgements. We wonder if giving money will help the homeless get out of the cold for the night. Or, we presumptuously assume we’re funding a “fix” for their addiction.

What are we as Christians to do?

Fortunately, God makes it a no-brainer. Throughout the Bible he repeatedly gives three instructions 1) Give to the Poor, 2) Do not judge, and 3) Spread Christ’s love. Since today is Giving Tuesday, I’ve come up with a quick and easy way to do all three.


Here you go!

It’s the DIY Giving Envelope for your earthly and spiritual giving. Sized to fit your wallet, it’s ready to grab whenever you’re on the go. It handily showcases encouraging Bible passages without hiding the gift inside.


I designed the DIY Giving Envelope with easy-to-read fonts for mega-quick scanning. Oh, I know, a homeless person might easily take the money and throw the envelope aside. But someone’s got to pick it up, right? Who knows what God has planned for this fibrous voice of optimism?


The envelope opens wide so you can write the contact info of a welcoming organization on the inside. Best of all, this is a DIY that’s super easy to make!


DIY Giving Envelope

  1. Click here for the full size PDF template.
  2. Print, fold in half on horizontal dotted line, and cut out around the solid line.
  3. Fold on the vertical dotted line to create an end for the envelope.
  4. Put in some money, keep in a handy place.
  5. You’re done! An easy five minutes, tops.

Finally, I understand some people conscientiously do not feel comfortable giving money to the homeless. You feel more responsible donating to a charitable organization. A heartfelt kudos to you. Perhaps you’d rather brighten someone’s day by leaving this DYI Giving Envelope in a returned library book or doctor’s office magazine. No matter how you give or to whom, know you’re offering a touch of God’s love. Do so with a prayer for the recipient!

Happy Giving Tuesday!

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