Happy New Year 2016!


Meandering Stream in Wisconsin Countryside

Isn’t this a pretty stream? I saw it a couple weeks ago while meandering through the Wisconsin countryside. Obviously, this year’s Christmas landscape was rather blasé, but here was a winding ribbon of blue to brighten things up. When this Bible passage came up on my New Years’ verse-a-day, I immediately thought of this scene.

In context, the Isaiah passage is referencing the release of the Jews out of their captivity and, beyond that, the redemption we all have through Christ Jesus. But what makes the Bible special is that we can easily apply its message to all aspects of our life. Like now, for the new year.

These first days of January always bring a sense of joy and anticipation. I’ve completely cleaned my office (believe me, it had become a wasteland!) and I have interesting projects ahead in the pipeline. I’m excited to see what new things God has planned for Adunate and my clients!

Happy 2016, everyone! May God bless your new year!

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