Happy September!

September morning in Wisconsin

This was the view today as I came down the hill for my morning walk. Isn’t September beautiful? Even though I hate to see summer end, by the final weeks of August I’m always ready to leave that month behind and move on to the next. Hands down, autumn is my favorite season of all.

September’s a turning point for other reasons as well. In addition to special times such as my son’s wedding, family get togethers and lots of gardening, I’ve just finished a busy summer of projects (I’ll share more on them soon because I’m particularly proud of them). Now that those are done, I’m taking a deep breath and getting ready for my next pipeline—graphic design for an upcoming conference, responsive web design for a small business and copywriting for an innovative new product.

But, wait, I mustn’t forget—on top of all that, there’s also the Octoberfest brewery tour! Yes, once again my husband and I are planning a celebration of autumnal sipping and scenery (why, of course this is my favorite season!). Here’s what we’ve pegged so far. Look like fun? Any suggestions for sights along the way?

Have a blessed autumn everyone! Enjoy God’s gift of nature and love!

Google map for 2015 brewery tour

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