Slowing Down for Quality

hot air balloon in Wisconsin

We live in a somewhat busy airway. We’re centrally located between Madison and Milwaukee airports so jet trails frequently criss-cross our upper skies. We’re 90 minutes south of Oshkosh, which means in July fleets of propellers drone past on their way to the EAA AirVenture. If that’s not enough, we’re also a couple miles from a hot air balloonist who regularly offers scenic tours to air-loving adventurists. I shot this photo a few evenings ago from my front porch.

Each of our airway occupants serves its own purpose. But if I want to experience the true intimacy of Wisconsin’s countryside, a hot air balloon would definitely be the way to go. Several times a week I’ll hear the gentle whoosh of balloon burners and sure enough, in duly relaxed time, a colorful swell comes drifting by. Oh, the aeronautical artistry of it!

We wave to each other, they and I.

I thought of the balloon this morning while reading a New York Times piece on inaccurate journalism. The writer offers a prescription for such quick-handed shoddiness with four words: “Less speed. More transparency.”

Less speed, more transparency—that’s exactly what I strive for in my work. In ten years of entrepreneurship, I’ve learned if I take on too many jobs at once, my office airways become hectic and the detailed, personal attention I like to give clients dissipates like a jet trail. Nowadays, that’s just not the business life for me.

I’m never going to cover much ground when it comes to high earnings, but that’s okay. I like knowing my work is the greatest quality it can be. I like helping my clients succeed.

I like the soaring we do together.

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