A New but Familiar Look

Brochures for WLCFS Christian Family Solutions

Last month Ann Jahns from WLCFS Christian Family Services contacted me for a logo update. She explained they’d been using their current logo, shown above, for several years but are currently in the process of rebranding themselves. They wanted an updated logo to coincide with their new brand.

I was honored!

Since 1966, this family counseling, home care and senior communities organization has been working to do good to all people. Formerly known as Wisconsin Lutheran Child & Family Service (WLCFS), it recently renamed itself as Christian Family Solutions. As Ann described, they’re all in that awkward stage of transitioning into their new identity.

Ann wanted a logo that was less horizontal in layout. She wanted one that would allow the three branches of their organization to share in consistency, even as they go forth in their own missions. Lastly, she wanted an update without taking on a completely different look.

WLCFS Christian Family Solutions has a great marketing  team. I’m anxious to see their upcoming promotions with this new look. In the meantime, here’s their updated logo!


WLCFS Christian Family Solutions logo


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