Planning Ahead for a Colorful New Year!

Easter Egger rooster

This is Cornwallis, our Ameraucana rooster. Isn’t he gorgeous?

Ameraucanas are also known as Rainbow Layers or Easter Eggers because they lay eggs in beautiful hues of green, blue or pink. They’re not a recognized breed but I don’t worry about such formalities. I’m planning ahead for when these young’uns surprise my Easter guests with colorful eggs—one of the many exciting things I’m looking forward to in 2015!

Easter Egger Rooster

We normally don’t raise roosters except for meat, but Cornwallis somehow slipped past us. Since he’s just so doggone pretty, I mean handsome, I decided to keep him. The other day I gave my poultry pets leftover holiday rolls, (baked from scratch, mind you) and Cornwallis carefully took them from my hand and gave them to the ladies. He’s such a gentleman.

Yep, he knows I’m talking about him.

Americana chickens

Normally my chickens are hard to photograph. They have super sensitive hearing and as soon as I open my camera, they shoot me the moon.

My Americana rooster, Cornwallis

Except Cornwallis. He stands there cocking his head from side to side while I tell him how handsome he is.

Easter Egger rooster crowing

And then he puffs himself proudly and gives a big cock-a-doodle-do. Just so you know, at this time of year cock-a-doodle-do is cockerel for Happy New Year!

Have a blessed New Year everyone. Hope we can work together in 2015!

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