Rating Our Octoberfest

Autumn Colors in Sauk County, WI

I don’t know about you, but when my husband and I travel we like to see a variety of things. Then we like to compare one to another and rate our favorite. So what better way to share the fun places on our Octoberfest Beer Tour than a 5-stein ratings chart!

Ratings chart by Adunate Word & DesignActually, we really don’t know that much about beer. Not from a connoisseur’s perspective, that is. But we know what we like and sometimes we might even know what gives beer the qualities we like. For example, neither of us is cool enough to have developed a heavy hops palette, therefore we’re not big on IPAs. But we do enjoy a good, old-fashioned lager, which is why we like Oktoberfests.

Then there’s ambiance. This is huge for me. Perhaps I’ve mentioned a few hundred times that I really like historic architecture? If I find a food venue in a well-preserved, old building, you can bet that’s on our itinerary. Five steins for an old building!

And absolutely ZERO steins for chain restaurants. I know this sounds rather food snobbish, but please understand we’ve just come off three pure months of eating food directly from our garden. A week on the road could easily throw our wimpy digestive systems into proliferated chaos so I’m allowing no corporate food. I’m excited to patronize original downtown Main Streets with entrepreneur-owned stores and restaurants. I look forward to experiencing the culture of a community and all it has to offer.

Copy and design, you say? You bet. I am in the marketing business after all. Of course I’m going to thrill in a beautiful logo, like this one from Reads Landing Brewing Company in Reads Landing, Minn.,—yes, we are stopping across the river for sip! Or this storytelling copy from Tyranena Brewing Company in Lake Mills, Wis., which brilliantly celebrates the culture of the area. (My husband, on the other hand, just likes the beer:-)

So there you have it—a bit of our thinking in the days ahead as we rate our beer stops. We’re excited! And look at that stunning Sauk County, Wis., hillside in my top photo. How can we not be excited?!

First stop: The Corner Pub Brewery & Bakery

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