Wednesday Webs: A Great Rural Art Project to Support

Indiegogo project by Fermentation Fest and Shimon & Lindemann

I’ve been enamored by Shimon & Lindemann since I saw them years ago in their Unmasked & Anonymous exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Once, I even suckered my husband into helping me emulate them for a photography class assignment, which involved him sitting in a rocking chair outdoors in the middle of winter. So when Donna, of Wormfarm Institute, asked me to help promote the project they’re doing together, I was happy to jump on the wagon. The bandshell wagon, that is.

Harvestore Bandshell

According to their Indiegogo page, “Artists John Shimon and Julie Lindemann designed the Harvestore Bandshell as both an homage to Wisconsin’s agricultural history and as a unique and mobile performance venue.” This half-a-historic-Harvestore-silo stage will showcase poets, musicians and drama performances at the 2104 Fermentation Fest, a 9-day festival of art, agriculture and fermented food in Sauk County, Wisconsin.

In case you’re wondering, Indiegogo is one of those super, people-minded crowd funding organizations that enable even the little guys to pursue their greater purposes. Perhaps you might consider contributing to this very cool project?

Anyway, I know I’ve been orating endlessly on the Fermentation Fest (when I take on a project I give it my all, including in-your-face, excessive promotion of my client!). I’ve talked about the food, but have I mentioned there’s art? One of the highlights of Fermentation Fest is the 50-mile, self-guided tour—DTour, as it’s been branded—through the rolling farmlands of Sauk County. But it’s not just farmlands. There’s art. Like 3-D art installations in the middle of hayfields. And performances—Pasture Performances—in, yes, animal pastures. And artisan food stands in the middle of nowhere.

This week my list of Wednesday Webs is a sampling of art in Sauk County, either during Fermenation Fest or any other time. You’ve got to come and see!

Pasture Performances at Fermentation Fest:

Sauk County Art Attractions

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