Showcasing My Entrepreneuring Clients

The Real Estate Duo

This week is National Entrepreneurship Week and what better time to showcase my newest clients: The Real Estate Duo! Owners June Herman and Terry Donahue are dynamite examples of the entrepreneurs we’re celebrating this week. They’ve planned their new business well and are going forth with exciting gusto.

June and Terry came to me several months ago looking for help branding their new real estate business. On the phone, they described themselves as fun ladies with a combined 63 years of real estate experience. I immediately picked up on the fun and their expertise came through no less than two sentences later. They said they’d achieved high points in their careers with large real estate firms, but now they wanted to return to the heart of working with people and selling homes. And they want to enjoy life while doing so.

These are ladies with my kind of values! I jumped at the chance to work with them!

The duo, as they’re often referred, were well prepared for our first meeting. They’d already done a business plan, had chosen a business name and were well educated in successful marketing. They also had a good idea for their logo.

In the weeks following, June, Terry and I worked to fine tune their logo and use it to properly brand their business. We did business cards, envelopes and, of course, they came up with an awesome sign—there’s nothing more important than a yard sign in the real estate business!

Our overall goal was to communicate three things about The Real Estate Duo: Professional, Friendly (fun) and Unique. I think we did just that.

Ladies, you done good!

The Real Estate Duo


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