Wednesday Webs: The Best of Days

Pumpkins awaiting pie!

Aren’t these just the best of days? Here in south central Wisconsin we’re probably at peak color, if not starting to go beyond. The leaves aren’t as vibrant this year, but, oh, October has been beautiful nonetheless.

Autumn is absolutely my favorite season!

  • Autumn offers the best beer. Here’s a list of Top 10 Oktoberfests. Better hurry, the season’s almost over!
  • An interesting interview with Etsy’s Randy Hunt.
  • Back in the day (decades ago), we called this beer a nasty name, not to be repeated in a wholesome blog such as mine. Look, it’s now an artisanal and award-winning brewery! Funny how when we grow up, we also grow some taste.
  • I love this essay. My favorite part: “I gave you today to live. So do it.”
  • We’ll soon be visiting my son, now living in South Bend, Indiana. His request from home: Lakefront Pumpkin Lager. (What, is autumn only about beer?!)
  • Speaking of traveling, here are some cool city posters.
  • I had the best butternut squash bisque today at the Marigold Kitchen in Madison. I’m hoping this recipe will be as good.
  • What do you think of this debate? Should freelancers refuse to work for free? Should people expect them to?
  • So which squash makes the best pumpkin pie?  (By the way, pumpkin is a squash.)

Enjoy the last days of October—they’re such a gift!

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