Hot Time in Milwaukee (translate: fun)

Stratiformis in Catalano Square, Milwaukee, WI

So it seems my goddaughter and I are starting a trend. Now that she lives closer, we’ve been getting together to celebrate her birthday. We’ve done it two years in a row and each time the weather has been blazingly hot (in fact last year, our day out was the start of a record heat wave that went on forever).

Hot temps aside, once again we had a great time. I’m tickled a lovely 12-year-old is willing to spend the day with her ol’ Aunt Di!

Stratiformis, Catalano Square, Milwaukee

Our first stop was Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. This neighborhood was once the city’s manufacturing mecca. Now, after years of desertion and decay, the fascinating old warehouses have been re-purposed into an eclectic art district. We browsed a couple shops and then checked out the Stratiformis in Catalano Square. To quote my goddaughter, “Cool! What is it?!”

Milwaukee Public Market, Milwaukee, WI

A must-stop in this neighborhood is the Milwaukee Public Market. We did lunch here so we could each make our own selection from the multitude of vendors. There are so many good foods to choose from, we had to walk through a couple times just to see it all and decide.

cakes from Adams Bakery, Milwaukee Public Market, Milwaukee, WI

Yes, our made-to-order sandwiches were good, but the red velvet and carrot mini cakes were the best!

The Third Ward is really cool and all, but the place to go for a 12-year-old lady is obviously Claire’s boutique, found at almost any community mall (except the Grand Avenue:-). At Claire’s we found enough pink and purple sparkle to overload even the girliest of girls.

I have a cute picture of my goddaughter modeling some stylin’ eyeglasses, but I’ll wait until she’s older to post it (like maybe in a newspaper birthday ad:-).




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