Should You Backup WordPress? Is This Even a Question?


Long ago, before WordPress was highly sophisticated with its upgrades, bloggers were instructed to save all their files before downloading the next version. I didn’t and in one unfortunate upgrade I lost all my media photos. Reloading them was such a pain.

WP still recommends backing up, but because of it’s nearly fail-proof programming, many people don’t. Why? Because doing backups is a pain too. Deactivate the plugins…save your media…save your posts and everybody’s comments…save your customized css. Yikes!

Well, now there’s a pretty cool plugin that does all that and does it in one shot. It’s the WordPress Backup to Dropbox and it saves it to a Dropbox file. Simply download the plugin into your WordPress files, link it to the Dropbox account you’ve set up, and then designate how often and what you’d like to save.

Automatically easy peasy!


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