Wednesday Webs: Small Business 50/50

50th anniversary of National Small Business Week

Every year since 1963, the President of the United States has issued a proclamation announcing National Small Business Week. This recognizes the great importance of America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners, and commits to helping them get ahead. In honor of this 50th anniversary, here’s a diverse list of 50 small business items. Enjoy!

  1. President Obama continues the tradition of proclaiming June 17-21 to be National Small Business Week here on the White House blog.
  2. Bloomberg Businessweek explains National Small Business Week.
  3. Where to even begin?! Small Business Administration ( offers more knowledge than a 4-year college degree.
  4. SBA’s definition of a small business.
  5. Make smarter business decisions: 4 easy tips.
  6. , according to
  7. How to get a loan for your small business: watch this livestream, Wednesday, 3 p.m. central.
  8. Crowdfunding 101, an alternative to business loans.
  9. SCORE: No better advise than that of the experienced.
  10. Hanging your shingle? Here’s handy advice from the FreelanceSwitch community.
  11. A state-by-state listing of Small Business Persons of the Year.
  12. What makes a cool office?
  13. Hot desking?
  14. I need this in my office.
  15. Why you should run your small business from a coffee shop
  16. …or a coworking space.
  17. A sort-of-easier-to-understand explanation of how the Affordable Health Care Act will affect small businesses.
  18. The truth about small business retirement planning.
  19. Eat local, support small businesses.
  20. In honor of June Dairy Month, here’s Kraemer Cheese: Local and family-owned for 80 years!
  21. Mobile technology makes it easy for customers to pay small businesses.
  22. All you need to know about small business and self-employed taxes.
  23. Sustainability out? Resiliency in?
  24. A business plan is a must. Here’s a comprehensive outline.
  25. Whoa! A 2-hour YouTube seminar on writing a business plan. Let me know if it’s good.
  26. A marketing plan is not a business plan, but it’s equally as important.
  27. How do you want to grow? I’ve used a personalized form of this plan for the last three years—it’s a concise way to set annual goals, by Ilise Benun.
  28. The Politics of Small Business: a survey released by the National Small Business Association (NSBA) on the opinions of small-business owners.
  29. The Gig Economy is the new American work style. Gigs often evolve into small businesses.
  30. Freelancers are small businesses too. Freelancers Union tackles the concerns of independent workers.
  31. I’m proud to be a charter member of the Wisconsin Business Alliance.
  32. Always a touchy subject: Is the church a business?
  33. Should your small business be non-profit or for-profit?
  34. Do you have the right personality to be a small business owner?
  35. The Daily Muse: 5 business books you should read.
  36. Business Insider: 8 more books you should read.
  37. is a rural and small town business resource.
  38. Good design is good business,” as Thomas Watson famously said.
  39. Likewise, good writing is good business (you didn’t think I’d leave words and design out of the equation, did you?!).
  40. The new rules of branding a business.
  41. Myths of social media marketing.
  42. Customer reviews are the social game changer when it comes to online marketing.
  43. 10 inspiring stories of small business success.
  44. Quit bashing millennials! Really, they have a lot to offer your small business (or their business may just put you out of your business).
  45. Women-owned small business are growing 50% faster than the total number of small businesses.
  46. Helpful resources for women business owners.
  47. They call it their encore. Baby boomers are leading the way in entrepreneurship.
  48. There’s even a Baby Boomer Entrepreneur blog.
  49. Small business doesn’t mean out of touch. Neither does solo-entrepreneurship. Everyone can stay connected with online resources.
  50. Want your small business to look awesomely good? Call Adunate!

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