Not Necessarily a Lone Egg; Just Inspiring Recources

robin egg

Yesterday, I found this robin egg sitting in my driveway all by its lonesome. It was so tiny and pretty, I had to get a picture.

Then I found this interesting poster about work. Actually, it’s an advertisement for Citrix. I’m not necessarily endorsing Citrix (I’m not not endorsing it either); I just don’t know much about the company other than I like how the second “i” is upside down in its logo. That said, the poster is super and I have to re-post it as an item of inspiration. It’s attention-getting and eye-pleasing. It offers a ton of information— instead of an infomercial, we have a postermercial! And most importantly for the company, it successfully communicates that more and more people are working globally (with Citrix helping them do it).

Anyway, the creative challenge I assigned myself for today was to tie these two seemingly unrelated images together in a single blog post. Actually, it wasn’t that hard.

Working globally, either as an employee or an entrepreneur, usually means working solo. I admit I sometimes feel like a lone egg sitting in the driveway. Or on a fence post. Or in a home office. But that’s not too often. Nowadays there are so many online resources to keep global workers connected to whatever, wherever, whenever.

My favorite tools these days are podcasts and webinars— one of my favorite podcast series is by Ilise Benun, of Marketing Mentor. Granted both are produced with underlying self-promotion motives, but in turn they are hugely educational and, best of all, free! (Oops, I guess I do know a little about Citrix since the webinars I watch often use their oh-so-easy GoToMeeting.)

So check out this cool poster. And share with us the online tools your organization is using—c’mon, leave a comment!
Citirix, on mobile working

5 thoughts on “Not Necessarily a Lone Egg; Just Inspiring Recources”

  1. Nice work tying that all together, Di. As truck drivers, we use many online tools too. It’s turned me into a weather watcher so I would say would be my most used site. We’ve changed our planned route many times to skirt around a snowstorm in our path!

    • Rhonda, you define the term mobile workstyle more than anyone else. Or should we say mobile LIFEstyle! I’m checking out Intellicast. That would be a good app to have on a smart phone,

  2. I’m in the planning stages of starting off on my own and I feel really optimistic about it for the very reasons you mention. No better time than now! All the resources that weren’t available years ago. Something as simple as an online fax service means I don’t have to buy a fax machine and pay for an extra phone line. Phone line….who does that anymore? People don’t send faxes anymore either.

    I’m also taking advantage of subscriptions to Adobe and Quickbooks rather than plunking out big $ for software. For a startup, it makes a huge difference to spread this cost over monthly payments instead of all at once.

    And lastly, I like Basecamp for project management. It’s a great organizational and communications tool for both me and my clients.

    • Great suggestions! I’m on the fence about updating my Creative Suite. I need to, but I can’t decide whether to go software or Cloud. I suppose someday that’s how all programs will be and I need to just suck it up and go with the flow.

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