Wednesday Webs: Formulating Philly

Moving van on a Philadelphia street

Next month we’re heading to Philadelphia for our son’s graduate school commencement at Temple University. Seems like I just took this picture as my husband contemplated unloading the moving van and not pissing off everyone on this narrow Philadelphia street. Now, nearly two years later, we’ve learned almost all Philly streets are like this and blocking traffic is a way of life.

So now our son is graduating. Where does the time go? Another Philly sigh…

As I plan our trip, here are sites I’ve been checking out:

  • We love staying at the historic Conwell Inn. It’s right there on Temple’s campus; friendly, quaint, cozy and very well-kept.
  • We need an extra night’s stay in the city so we’re trying something new—a rowhouse apartment via Airbnb.
  • Wow! How’s this for a Philadelphia brunch listing?!
  • Or this list of coffee shops? I’m looking for those in historic buildings—help me out folks!
  • Speaking of architecture, who doesn’t love a treehouse? The Morris Arboretum Tree Adventure looks a little out of this world.

Anyone have further recommendations of “must see” places in Philadelphia? What’s the city like during college commencement season? Please share!


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