March Madness


This was the scene today as I looked out my office window. As much as I love snow, I couldn’t help feeling a toasty glow of thankfulness that I can work without leaving my warm, cozy house.

Staying home brings to mind articles I’ve been reading on self-employment. Has anyone seen this study by MBO Partners? Their recent research shows that the independent workforce is going mainstream and within five years is expected to increase by another 23 million. Not only are more people feeling their moxie and working for themselves, they’re also finding greater satisfaction in doing so.

Or perhaps you’ve read this New York Times article, A World Without Work? Author Ross Douthat feels 21st-century American life is gradually taking on a utopian decline of working, although maybe not necessarily by choice. You can draw different conclusions from his theories, but perhaps the comments are most interesting. Many of them touch on a developing “gig society,” where people manage on multiple smaller jobs rather than one career (The Daily Beast calls it “gigonomics”).

Gigs by choice or circumstance, there’s one commonality that puts a freeze on freelancing—health insurance. Once again, I have reason to be thankful. My husband is securely employed in a job that provides these benefits (he works outdoors no less, so on days like today I’m really appreciative).

But what about those who don’t have the blessing of benefits?

As our economy shifts to an independent workforce, this issue is addressed more and more. This Forbes article talks about the cost of health insurance. The Freelancer’s Union is a non-profit advocating for a better entrepreneurial life. And this .gov link explains how insurance options will expand under the Affordable Care Act.

Stay warm folks!

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  1. Thanks for the article link!. I’m a member of the Freelancers Union and even though I don’t use their insurance, I really appreciate the support and helpful information they pass along.


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