Wednesday Webs: Invigorating the Creative Mind


So, four months ago I started swimming laps at the local Park & Rec. At 6:30 in the morning. In the middle of winter. With my 50+ year-old, not-so-in-shape body exposed in a lap-appropriate Speedo swimming suit.


To top it off, I really can’t swim so I enrolled in adult lessons, which happen to be at the same time all the young parents bring their 5-year-olds to learn the same things I’m learning. In terms of giving up on all manner of dignity and looking cool, this rates right up there with attending college in my 40s (maybe even higher).

Nonetheless, I’ve gotta say the swimming is grrrrreat! I love coming back to my office feeling strong, healthy and excited to start the day!

Here are a few more things to invigorate a creative mind:

  • Yes, exercise does increase creativity—an interesting article about shutting out the chatter and moving into a creative state of mind.
  • Does Facebook make us miserable? Time to put it away and get moving!
  • Your desk is making you stupid! (I’ve posted this before, but the picture makes me laugh.)
  • A great TED Talk: Our minds shape our body. Our body shapes our minds.
  • And then there’s always the diver in a red speedo, thanks to the talented James Lancett and his skilled collaborator Sean Weston


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