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Over the holidays I did a long-awaited overhaul of my office—cleaning, sorting, filing and painting. Unfortunately, I only got as far as painting the ceiling because I can’t decide on a color for the walls.

Indecision, of course, prompts perusing. And perusing, of course, furthers my indecision. My current obsession is There are a gazillion professional quality photos with provided code for embedding them into your own blog. How’s that for sharing?

Here are some that caught my eye for various reasons (be sure to roll over the credits and check out these amazing designers and architects):

Eclectic Home Office design by Philadelphia Architect Krieger + Associates Architects Inc

My husband is the handiest guy and builds whatever my heart desires (no, I never take advantage of this). He built floor-to-ceiling cabinets and bookcases very similar to these for my office. I’m thinking a rolling ladder sure would be sweet.

“Oh, honey…”

Traditional Home Office design by Dallas Kitchen And Bath Brooke B. Sammons

The woodwork in my office is in it’s 96-year-old original shellacked finish—meaning it’s a rather orange-brown color. Yes, it limits my options for wall color, but I’d never dream of painting it.

Isn’t this office beautiful inspiration? (Believe me, mine doesn’t look anything it.)

Eclectic Home Office design by Other Metro Furniture And Accessories Horchow

I need to invest in a new desk chair. I love the red, but I can’t imagine spending a workday sitting in this one…

Modern Home Office design by San Francisco General Contractor Schmitt + Company

…or this one, although it does look rather groovy.

Contemporary Home Office design by Other Metro General Contractor Weaver Custom Homes

I love, love, love these doors on a track. They’re described as barn doors but they sure don’t look like any of the doors on my barn!

So which office is your favorite?


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