Wednesday Webs: Child’s Play

A desolate park playground: Is there anything more indicative of September and kids going back to school?

On a more vibrant note, I’ve got a writing gig for Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS), of Verona, Wis. They’re premier distributors for all things play—big, outdoorsy, adventurous play, like playground equipment, water sport inflatables, climbing walls, mini-golf—you name it. Hey, there’s no kid passively sitting around here!

Like I do for all my clients, I’m researching CRS’s product and industry. Obviously, now that September’s here, I’ll have to hit the parks after three o’ clock for that burst of youthful energy. In the meantime, here are thoughts on children and their play (interestingly, they all can be applied to adults as well:-)

  • According to this New York Times article, recess and the playground hold as much educational power as the classroom.
  • Do Europeans have a healthier attitude towards children’s play than the U.S.?
  • CRS’s terminology includes active play, imaginative play, non-scripted play and inclusive play. I wasn’t sure what defined inclusive play.

Any thoughts on children’s play and active play equipment? Please share since I’m looking to learn!

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