Wednesday Webs: Forward With AIGA

Mail from AIGA

My annual AIGA membership dues are up for renewal and I have to admit each year I do an evaulating cringe when writing that check. At a hefty $295, they are some expensive dues.

Oh, wait. Last year they were only $275. And this year they’re at a tiered level for even less.

Is this membership worth it to me, a small (and highly professional), one-woman show? Yes, I think so.

  • AIGA is campaigning to be accessible to more designers. Here’s an explanation of its new membership model.
  • Morning Blend is an intimate group of creatives—what else can you be at 7:15 in the morning! We’re also very welcoming. Our first gathering for the season is this coming Tuesday, Sept 11. Do join us!
  • EDGE as in educational. This month’s presentation is Cognitive-Based Information Design, by Lou Tetlan, Ph.D. Wednesday, Sept. 19: 6:30-8:30 PM.
  • AIGA Wisconsin is alive and growing. Check out all the stuff going on!

Are you a designer? Are you in AIGA? It’s great for networking, getting involved and learning!

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