Yes, Graffiti Can Be Art!

Graffiti Mural Program, Mother Fool's Coffeehouse, Madison, WI

One of my favorite Madison, WI, neighborhoods is Willy Street (technically Williamson Street in the Marquette Neighborhood) and one of my favorite places there is Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse. It’s got the most delicious soup inside and this beautiful graffiti art outside.

According to the Daily Page, Mother Fool’s started its graffiti mural program in 2001 when local artist Don Wettach was looking for a place to “paint his graffiti and not get busted.” Now he and other Madison artists update the shop’s outside wall with a temporary graffiti mural on monthly or bi-weekly basis, depending on the season.

Kudos to Don and his fellow artists for their beautiful art. Such an eclectic richness they add to the Willy Street community!


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