Powering Tomorrow with Women-Owned Businesses

kudos to women-owned jobs

This week American Express’s OPEN is giving nod to the rising number of female entrepreneurs. According to a recent report, there are an estimated 8.3 million women-owned businesses in the U. S., generating nearly $1.3 trillion in revenue and employing nearly 7.7 million people.

That’s a huge economic impact!

I’m small potatoes compared to the businesses OPEN is featuring in its four-week series, but I’m really proud to be part of a movement that’s powering tomorrow with such positive gusto.

Here’s my own kudos to women-owned businesses—women I know personally or whose businesses have helped me with my own. You go, girls!

  1. Ann Foley Design: Non-traditional college students (i.e. old) naturally gravitate. I met Ann years ago in the cafeteria before starting a web design class. Now she teaches the class. And she’ll never be old.
  2. Chris Kirsch Quilts: (Gotta love her website and blog:-) Chris is a talented quilter, teacher and author. Oh, and she makes a mighty fine walking partner!
  3. Classes with Kathy Perez: As a native Chilean, my daughter-in-law teaches Spanish as it should be taught. Her degree is in education and languages are her specialty, so yes, she’s in high demand!
  4. Logo-Works: Mona Pett provides south central Wisconsin with all manner of logo apparel and accessories. She took the “start-my-own-business” plunge in 2004 and got me thinking I could do it too.
  5. Marketing MentorIlise Benun has been self-employed for 24 years and helps us creative types find our ideal clients and deal with the business side of being self-employed.
  6. Miles of Stitches: Liat Honsinger-Marlow and I go waaay back, but I’m not going to get into that. Let’s just say I can verify she’s been stitching a very long time! She’s now 50% owner of the Miles Group.
  7. Rocky Transportation: No one gets around like my friend Rhonda Martinez! From pastor’s daughter to over-the-road trucker, she owns her own semi and hauls to 48 states. Through her blog, I can travel the country all the while working from home.
  8. Shu Shu Design: A fellow freelancer and early riser, Jenny Green generously shares her design and business expertise.
  9. Think Nutrition Company: Cheryl Amos is brains, brawn and beauty all packaged into one. She’s my sister and together we’re proof that a wildly creative gene runs strong in our family.
  10. Tribeca Gallery Cafe: Julie Crnkovich is the friendliest barista in town and she serves a great cuppa joe!

What women do you know who are powering tomorrow? Are you a woman-owned business? Do comment! And use this hash tag #PoweringTomorrow in your social media so we can all be on the same page!



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  1. Great post Di. Thanks for including me. I really enjoyed visiting the websites and blogs of these other talented women. What a blessing to be inspired by each other! Chris


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