Wednesday Webs: Hanging Your Shingle

sunrise on the front porch

Here’s where I like to work in early summer mornings. It’s my front porch and the view is stunning. I can do this because 1) I’m self-employed and 2) today’s technology.

Actually, there’s never been a better time to be self-employed. While technology is certainly a major factor, it’s only one of many. Here are several articles on the subject—be careful, they may be just the persuasion you need to hang your own shingle!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Webs: Hanging Your Shingle”

  1. Just sayin….I love your website and blog and all the info you have to offer. Ive bookmarked you for sure. Thanks for all of your insight and most of all, thank you for sharing a love for the Lord. It really makes you shine.


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