Wednesday Webs: Fonts

font book

Sometimes junk mail is fun. Like when you get these groovy font samplers, which I absolutely adore. I got this one today from House Industries.

Besides the usual go-to’s, here are my favorite extra-unique foundries:

  • Font Diner: Retro fonts, like stepping back into, well, just what the name says, a 50’s diner. Mister Retro art goes along with it.
  • Letterhead Fonts: Beautiful fonts, historic in nature, with super tutorials
  • P22 Type Foundry: Inspired by art and history, beautiful fonts, but the site is hard to navigate (at least for me…maybe I’m the only one who hasn’t figured it out)
  • Typophile is everything related to type and they have this long list of foundries. It’s very long, which gives you an idea just how huge this industry is.


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