Wednesday Webs 4-11-12

Little Free Library

It’s National Library Week! Celebrate by checking out your local library. Read a book. Use free online programs. Check out eBooks. Go for it!

  • Libraries are a necessity in hard economic times.
  • Is America’s free access to information in danger?
  • The free database information that libraries offer is amazing—here’s the list from my little ol’ Watertown.
  • A few months ago I wrote about Little Free Libraries. The one above is on Ludington Ave., in Madison.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Webs 4-11-12”

  1. Thanks for the post, and for the reminder of Library Week!

    Since I got an iPad, I’ve done most of my book acquisition via Amazon’s Kindle bookstore. The other day, though, I dropped by the library to check out a particular book that I didn’t want to buy in e-format.

    And I realized 1) Paper books are a far better experience than e-books 2) I have really missed going to the library.

    I’ll go back soon.


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