Wednesday Webs 4-4-12

Adunate on Facebook

Over the weekend Facebook added a timeline to its business pages. They’ve been alerting us to this for months but, of course, I’m just getting my page finalized now. I gave it a lot of thought and decided to go for weekly update images reflective of what’s new with Adunate. Check it out and be sure to click “like!”

Here is more information on Facebook’s page updates for businesses, organizations and brands:


Does your business have a Facebook page? Have you uploaded a cover image? Drop me a line if you need some help!

1 thought on “Wednesday Webs 4-4-12”

  1. I love your Facebook cover page. Orange is such a vibrant, friendly color it just draws people in, I think!

    Also, thanks for the Facebook links. Facebook is ever-changing, and very difficult to negotiate, IMHO. It’s always good to have help.


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