Happy Halloween Philly-Style

Halloween decorations in Philadelphia

This week I’ve been a work slacker and a traveling bumpkin. It’s been great! And since we spent our first four days in Philadelphia, I’ve got to share some of the city’s brotherly love.

At first glance, Philly seems a bit, dare I say, course. But this is our second visit and I’m starting to see its softer side. Like Halloween, for example.

Philly seems pretty big on Halloween. Row house upon row house are decked out in orange lights, pumpkins and goblins. This fun decor, together with autumn wreaths on the doors and colorful mums on the stoops, gives these narrow-street neighborhoods a warm and cozy feel.

I found this welcoming goblin in front of a store. Isn’t it cool?

So Happy Halloween to all, Philadelphia-style!

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween Philly-Style”

  1. We’ve noticed more Halloween decorating this year than usual around the country…almost like Christmas except with orange lights.

  2. Some of the neighborhoods had their orange lights strung back and forth across the street. Very quaint, and very much a sense of community and togetherness. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do for Christmas!


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