Wednesday Webs 9-21-11

Watertown Daily Times story on Addie Hoyt Fargo

Like old houses? What about old photographs?

Here’s a story that entangles both. It has all the elements of a gasping drama—a grand, Victorian home; a beautiful, young woman; an alleged love affair; and a sudden, mysterious death.

Check out these links. Be sure to scroll down to see the photos—they’re fascinating!

These links are from the blog Sears Homes, by Rose Thornton. She’s a architectural historian and author, and Addie Hoyt Fargo was her great-great aunt.

What an intriguing story!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Webs 9-21-11”

  1. Thanks so much for the post on Addie Hoyt Fargo! Her story is a compelling one, and based on the evidence we’ve uncovered thus far, it appears that she was indeed murdered by her husband, Enoch.

    It’s gratifying to see that so many folks care about this 29-year-old woman who died so long ago in a tiny town in Wisconsin.

    Rose Thornton

  2. Interesting! I’ve been to the Fargo Mansion Inn many times (they used to have the best Christmas craft shows years ago) but never knew the house had such a mystery.

    Do we know for sure that Enoch murdered Addie? Maybe it was her cousin, Mattie!

  3. I love mysteries, and growing up in Lake Mills I have always been fascinated by the “Fargo Mansion”! I never knew this beautiful building had such a dark past! Thank you Rose!


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