Little Libraries, And Free!

Little Library, Madison, WI

Isn’t this the cutest thing? The art, yes. But also the little house.

It’s called a Little Library and houses just like it are popping up all over Madison. I think they’re the coolest things, not just because they’re cute but because of what they represent—community, caring and, best of all, free books!

According to this Wisconsin State Journal article, Little Libraries are the creation of Rick Brooks of Madison and Todd Bol of Hudson, who wanted to increase reading and build community. The idea behind them is a house stocked full of books and anyone can “take a book, leave a book.”

What’s really great is Little Libraries are all privately sponsored. Families, businesses and community organizations have either built their own or bought one ready-made from Little Free Library, and each one is different than the next. I shot a picture of this one on the Capital City Bike Path near Atwood Avenue, a very people-minded neighborhood with community gardens and Absolutely Art, a gallery for local artists.

Amazingly, in just one year Madison has more than 20 Little Libraries. They’ve also spread to cities from Minnesota to New York. I’m thinking as much as we worry about becoming an over-digitalized society, there always be something magical that gets us out and about.

Like a Little Library.


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