Eating Chocolate in the Middle of the Day

Chris Kirsch quilter extraordinaire

Remember the quilt photography I posted a few months back? Well, I’m so excited to pull back the curtains and announce…drumroll, please… Chris Kirsch’s new website!

Building Chris’ site has been so fun. When I mentioned to Chris how much I’ve enjoyed the creative change of pace, she said “It’s like eating chocolate in the middle of the day!”

What a fitting comparison, particularly for me.

I imagine making chocolate is a lot of work, since it’s so good and all. This website’s been hard work too, particularly for Chris, who was willing to step beyond her computer comfort zone and learn more. She wanted a site she could manage herself. Since she was already blogging, we chose to go with WordPress as our content managing system (CMS). Even though Chris’ site looks and acts like a website, it’s really a WordPress blog.

And now, besides being a talented quilter and teacher, Chris has become a geeky nerd. She’s learned html and the inner workings of her website, and she’s caught on so well. Boy, is she smart!

So, check it out. And if you’re looking for a great quilting workshop presentation or class, email Chris. You too will be enjoying chocolate in the middle of the day.

Do you need a website you can manage yourself? Afraid you’re not techie enough? WordPress makes it easy and I can help you learn. Contact me for an on-sight or over-the-phone tutorial.

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