A Photo I Really Like

solitary window

A couple weeks ago I took pictures of my client’s office for a promotional brochure. She is partner in an area law firm and her office is located in what’s possibly a century-old building.

I wasn’t planning to use this image in her brochure. But I really like it. As an admirer of old architecture, I like that they’ve never replaced the long-standing, arched window. I also like the setting. It’s located at the end of a hallway and it offers a calm, peaceful refuge.

In retrospect, the setting relates to my client’s description of the work they do. They help the community’s people in their time of need. They prevent small problems from becoming big problems. And they’ve been expertly doing so for 88 years.

Maybe I should use this photo.


2 thoughts on “A Photo I Really Like”

  1. I love this photo (although its more of an art form than a communicative form, especially for the message a law firm might wish to convey).

    I love the gentleness of the photo and its many intriguing parts. It’s one of those that requires a few minutes of study and it just keeps giving you more and more. The reflections into the framed art glass are cool. I love the filtered light coming through the glass and that you can’t clearly see the outside view – that would certainly detract from the inside view.

    This photo has more focal points than we’d normally want, but that’s what I find intriguing. I find myself drawn to the window first, then the framed art on the wall, then around to the plant and books, and then lastly to the little flag. Rather cool.


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